Our low-profile DeckTrack Slide Rails allow Crown Ltd products to glide freely across distances while remaining fixed to the deck. Powerful locking mechanisms prevent unwanted movement and allow seating, tables and other equipment to be moved safely during high-sea conditions. Our low profile DeckTracks require a depth of just ¾” for flush mounting allowing minimal deck disturbance. All our slides are equally suited for years of interior and exterior marine use. "Exceeding your expectations every time!"

Standard features:

  • Low-profile .5”(13mm) to top brushed stainless steel Traveler Car
  • Flush mount DeckTrack with minimum .75”(19mm) in deck intrusion
  • Sturdy marine grade anodized aluminum track
  • Soft-touch rubberized lock knobs
  • 18” travel (34” overall length)

Optional features:

  • Custom travel and overall length
  • Additional Traveler Car for same track
  • Custom Traveler Car dimensions
  • Flat socket cap screw locking bolts