Our sturdy, smooth operating, marine grade custom Tabletop Leaf Expansion Slide permits your tabletop to slide open smoothly to receive tabletop expansion leaves that allow you to serve more guests at your favorite table. When attached to one or more Crown Ltd Table Pedestals, our Tabletop Leaf Expansion Slide provides a rigid and stable platform for unmatched function and convenience. All these slides are custom designed by our engineer per your project requirements. Also choose our precision stainless steel alignment pins to assure your leaf and graphics align perfectly every time. “Exceeding your expectations every time!”


Standard features:

  • Sturdy marine-grade anodized aluminum track and SS mounting plate
  • Plastic glides at every point for smooth operation
  • Soft-touch rubberized lock knobs
  • Minimum height so it can remain tucked under and out of sight

Optional features:

  • Custom width, and leaf opening capacity per your requirements
  • Precision Leaf Alignment Pins (stainless steel, marine grade, glue-in place)

Additional Information:

  • Very large leaf opening requirements that cause an extreme cantilever effect past the pedestal may require removable deck supports for stiffness
  • Round and oval tables may cause reduction in possible leaf opening capacity
  • Crown Ltd has a successful design that can be adapted to most installations
  • Call to discuss your requirements