The original Crown Ltd Mariner Yacht Bar Stool offers elegant detailing and craftsmanship that never go out of style. It features a smooth-rotating swivel cushion with varied hand-cut layers of increasingly dense foam with supple entry and a firm foundation that won’t “give way” during extended seating periods. Each Mariner Bar Stool is finished with hand-stitched upholstery and genuine lifetime mirror polished stainless steel pedestals. A wide variety of additional options are available that allow you to customize each stool just as you like. “Exceeding your expectations every time!”

Standard features:

  • 360° swivel cushion
  • 3” high-luster stainless steel pedestal (height to suit)
  • Millennium Base
  • Vinyl upholstery

Optional features:

  • Stepbase
  • Mariner Backrest 3” stainless steel bracket
  • Mariner Folding Backrest 3” stainless steel bracket
  • Double loop upholstery accent rings
  • 15” footrest, adjustable height
  • Pedestal Accent Rings, 3” – Gold, Black Pearl, Chrome – polished or satin – (interior use only)
  • Quick Remove Pedestal Package - base & top plate included
  • Leather – premium Spinneybeck Volo®
  • Ultraleather®
  • C.O.M. – customers provided or specified material
  • Piping around top of stool
  • 8” Deckplate – stainless steel
  • Fitted Weathercover