The Swing-Out Stool offers conservative styling with elegant detailing and craftsmanship for the fine yacht. From the smooth-rotation swivel cushion to custom hand-cut layers of increasingly dense foam, the bulkhead mounted Swing Out Stool has a firm seat base foam with supple entry that won’t “give way” during extended seating periods. Each Swing-Out Stool is finished with refined hand-stitched upholstery and sturdy, high-luster marine grade stainless steel parts. This stool is often used as a stateroom vanity stool, as bar stools, in the crew mess area and at navigation stations. Also used in homes as a wall mounted stool for similar applications. A variety of options are available to customize your Swing-Out Stool. "Exceeding your expectations every time!"


Standard features:

  • 360° swivel cushion
  • Vinyl upholstery
  • Sturdy swing arm with wall bracket

Optional features:

  • Mariner Backrest 3” stainless steel bracket
  • Hinged Fold Forward Backrest
  • Double Loop Upholstery Accent Rings
  • Swing-Out Stool Arm Wall Lock
  • Swing-Out Stool 90° Roll-Over store flat
  • Custom swing arm lengths
  • Leather – premium Spinneybeck Volo®
  • Ultraleather®
  • C.O.M. – customers own or specified material
  • Fitted Weathercover